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No more lags.

You have 1 Gbps internet speed but still gaming on "low priority". Only LAN cabling can guarantee you true gaming speed with no wifi issue.

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Crowded Neigbourhood Wifi

Everyone is competing with your wifi (not just your mom)! Do you know the slowest wifi device reduces all speed to accommodate it. Only LAN cabling network provide optimum and dedicated speed for uncompromised gaming experience.

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LAN speed over WIFI

Only upgrade once! LAN cabling can last longer than the next wifi upgrade. When you upgrade to a faster ISP bandwidth in future, you won't need to upgrade "LAN" cabling. Our LAN cable provides up to 10Gbps throughput enough to last a few wifi standard upgrade.

Futureproof now!

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Features of speedhack LAN cabling installation service

  • Lightning Speed

     Get lightning fast game speed performance without upgrading your graphic card, thermal coolers, CPU or any expensive accessories.

  • Turbo Charged

    Turbocharged your experience. Amazing performance that lan offers no wifi can match. Beats the antenna anytime!

  • Always Online

    Nothing to configure. Always-on internet connection with no spotty wifi.

  • Add more speed devices

    Add each gaming devices on your router, security cameras, printers, wifi routers. The choice is yours.

Buy 2 x SpeedHACK LAN cabling installation services



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What is Speed Hack LAN Cabling service

We help improve your gaming performance by installing LAN connection between your router and gaming platform (PC, laptop, game console) at less than the price of a daily cups of Starbucks over a month!

What brand of cabling do you use?

We only use Panduit as it is one of the leading brand internationally. We are as serious as your gaming gears. The cables is certified and warrant for 1 year with our installation.

Our Difference

We only use certified industrial grade cabling. Add to that our installers have in the industry for many years serving commercial clients.

When can I install?

Just sign up, and we will get in touch soon!

I have a bad install, can you test my LAN speed?

Sure we can. Our engineers can make a trip to you house to test all the LAN points in your house for a small fee. Just select our site survey service.

How Long will your cabling installation takes

It will generally take no more than 2 hours. Please prepare the area, eg. move away any furniture or large items so it will be a smoother experience for both our engineers and you.

What else can we do with LAN installation

You can add security camera, VoIP phones, printers and basically any devices using LAN cables. All these at the speed of LAN which surpass current wifi speed.

How do I know if I can install SpeedHack cabling service

Get our SpeedHack survey service. Our engineers can check and advise if your home is suitable for our service.

How do I know if I need a SpeedHack upgrade?

Are you getting low ping, lags and slow responses from your game experience. Check your game speed now

What do I need?

You most likely have a wifi router which also has LAN ports and gaming console that accepts ethernet port. In order to achieve 

Will you hack my apartment?

We will discuss and agree with you before we install any cables.